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Koolak Company Products

Refractory Paint Powder

Refractory paint with high heat resistance can be used in different places; And an excellent coating is used to protect the surface against high temperature

Fireproof Adhesive Powder

Refractory glue or high temperature glue is one of the most important glues for various industries, which is used in the construction of large furnaces, ovens, etc.

Refractory Raw Materials

They do not have a specific melting point and generally their heat tolerance is introduced in a temperature range. The main material and base of refractories and industrial refractories are based on six main oxides.

Flame Retardant Powder

Flame retardant powders are substances that can be added to combustible materials to prevent or reduce the spread of fire.

Applications of Plasticizer

Plasticizers are among the most widely used additives in the plastic industry and are usually cheaper than other additives that can be used in polymer processes. Plasticizers are often used in PVC (the third largest polymer after PP (polypropylene) and PE (polyethylene)), so it is used in the production of a wide range of products. for example:

Unplasticized PVC (hard PVC): which is used in things like pipes and window profiles.

Benefits of Plasticizers

They are the most common additives used in the plastics industry. They are usually cheaper than other additives used in polymer processing.

The combination of plasticizer in PVC polymer increases its flexibility. PVC plasticizer softens PVC so that it becomes flexible and bendable. One of the most important advantages of plasticizers is increasing the durability of PVC for various applications.

They are organic materials with low volatility that are added to plastic compounds to improve flexibility, elasticity and make them more functional. By reducing polymer viscosity and melting temperature, it increases flow and thermoplasticity (thermoplasticity).

The reaction of plasticizer molecules with hard polymers increases the range of changes and makes them more flexible. If the polymer is soluble in the plasticizer, it is called a base plasticizer.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the second pure polymer after polyethylene in the European market. Although polymer as a pure resin has poor applications and requires the use of additives to produce products of acceptable quality.

Why Koolak manufacturing and chemical company?

Koolak company is active in the production of plasticizers. The best quality is produced by using the latest technology in the world and complying with all environmental standards.

Quality of Raw Materials

Safety and Environment

Guaranteed Quality


They are liquid materials that are mixed with hard polymers and become soft and flexible in order to make them processable and create a variety of uses in them.

Chemically, plasticizer molecules penetrate between polymer molecules and reduce molecular attraction. In the past 60 years, about 30,000 different compounds were introduced as plasticizers, but currently about 50 of them are used industrially and commercially. The most common use of plasticizers is in PVC mixing.

The materials that are most used as plasticizers today are: